Scarlett Poppy is photographer and artist who shoots and prints exclusively on Polaroid and analogue film. Since the beginning, she has primarily focused on Self-portraiture. She explores a female, sometimes erotic gaze, whilst playing with different presentations of the body and sexuality. The work she creates tends to have a dreamlike quality and timeless feel - Ever evolving over time it has moved in a darker direction with a focus on fetishism, sensuality and a reflection of her interests as she is motivated by embracing new life experiences.
A lot of her work draws inspiration from a lifelong fascination with extreme and obscene media and artwork that pushes audiences far outside their comfort zone and challenge social conformity. 
Having lived through severe illness in 2019, she completely lost her sense of autonomy whilst going through treatment. Her photography then evolved into a way of reclaiming control of her body, and an outlet to deal with the trauma which is still present today. Documenting herself and her physicality has been the greatest tool in her journey towards recovery. 
Behind every shoot her mental and physical state affects the direction of the outcome, and emotion is the primary catalyst towards the final creation. Expanding her photography further by working with other artists both collaboratively and as a model, influences and inspires new directions.
The technical aspects of the photographic process and the creation of physical art in an increasingly digital world is an important craft to maintain. She has exhibited her prints in England, Milan and Paris and will continue developing and expanding her craft into the future.
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